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Aren Rodriguez

Name: Aren Rodriguez


Age: 38

Family: Married

How long have you lived in Longmont? 26 years

Professional experience: Real estate appraiser

Political / community experience: Former Team Leader of the Boulder County Democratic Party Outreach and Inclusion Team; former secretary of the Longmont Arts; former Commissioner of the Town of Longmont Planning and Zoning Commission, current member of the Town of Longmont At-Large Municipal Council and Mayor Pro Tem

Education: Bachelor of Music, Vocal Interpretation

What are the one or two most pressing issues or issues facing the City of Longmont government?

Like the cities of the Front Range, Longmont faces the challenges of housing affordability and general growth. The city must continue to invest in affordable housing while taking stock of the housing deficit available for entry-level and labor-intensive populations. The city of Longmont must also continue to be proactive by investing and modernizing our infrastructure. The costs of materials and labor will only increase over time.

What should the mayor and city council do to address these issues or resolve these issues?

City council should look at the number of units needed to increase the stock of accessible / labor-intensive housing in our overall portfolio. Once that number is known, we can begin to guide policy and make the changes necessary to put ourselves in a strong position in the face of the missing housing diversity. The Council should not hesitate to invest in new technologies and the replacement needs of our current infrastructure system.

If elected, what experiences, training or qualifications would you bring to work on these issues or issues?

My experience as an urban planning and zoning commissioner, as well as my experience as a real estate appraiser, make me particularly qualified to adjust the necessary changes to be made to our land development code in order to allow the kind of flexibility. and innovation needed to deliver more units than people can afford to buy.


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