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CHICAGO, February 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aprimo, a leading provider of digital asset management and work management solutions, today announced a rebranding that includes an all-new Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The platform integrates the company’s content operations platform with a best-in-class content management and content analytics system, bringing bolder brand experiences to market and intelligence to consumers. marketers to better understand content performance and value.

The new aprimo.com is an innovative and unified marketing technology stack developed by Aprimo and powered by strategic partner WordPress VIP, in addition to Parse.ly, a leading content analytics platform acquired by WordPress VIP in February 2021. Aprimo DAM serves as the heart of the platform where all content is stored and accessed. Integrating WordPress VIP into the stack ensures that users can easily and seamlessly create and manage content and landing pages from approved brand assets available in the DAM. Parse.ly integration enables instant analytics on content usage and performance.

“The new Aprimo website is a great example of how businesses focused on digital transformation can seamlessly connect the best solutions, creating a unified platform for their employees to deliver engaging customer experiences,” said declared ryan sholin, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, at WordPress VIP. “It’s also strong validation of our shared partner ecosystem and the possibilities it provides for customers looking for greater flexibility, agility, and data-driven insights.”

Benefits of the new DXP include:

One source of truth: From DAM to CMS to content intelligence, marketing teams can unite automated workflows, brand assets and Aprimo website publishing, along with a unified view of content performance.
Agility and scale: A fully composable solution allows users to leverage modular content and agile marketing strategies to keep pace with growing demand for content.
Flexibility: Without having to piece together disparate tools and solutions, Aprimo can better understand the performance of its content in near real-time with a dynamic platform that adapts to changing campaign needs.

“Brands today understand that they have to compete purely on customer experience,” said Samuel Chapman, director of content strategy and brand experience at Aprimo. “Our organization is no different, which is why we’ve developed a solution that aligns the full content lifecycle with the distribution and measurement of the digital experiences we bring to market, without having to cobble together solutions and disparate dashboards. Additionally, as a martech vendor, it’s important that we use our own products and those of our alliance partners to better understand and meet the needs of modern marketing teams.”

Visit Aprimo.com to discover its new brand experience and learn more about Aprimo’s solutions, partnerships and vision for composable content operations that are changing the way organizations work, create, collaborate and learn.

About Aprimo
Aprimo offers industry-leading digital asset management and work management solutions that help your teams focus their time and effort on content and marketing strategies that actually drive business results and reach customers. in the right channels. Its content operations platform provides organizations with a single source of truth to optimize how they plan, develop, govern and deliver exceptional brand experiences at scale. Learn more about aprimo.com.

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VIP WordPress is the agile content platform at the head of a powerful enterprise ecosystem. Integrating seamlessly with many Fortune 100 companies, WPVIP provides the ease, flexibility, and freedom to scale valuable customer connections that drive growth. Learn more about the work we do with clients like Salesforce, Capgemini and Merck at wpvip.com.

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Parse.ly is the content analysis and optimization system that unlocks the true value of content for every business. Every business today is a content business. Yet most businesses don’t know how their content drives their business forward. Parse.ly gives creators, marketers, and developers the tools to understand content performance, prove content value, and automate content experiences. Our clients use Parse.ly to go beyond content creation to ensure content has impact. Learn more about https://parsly.com.

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