Ann Arbor’s ShortPoint partners to increase accessibility of intranet site


ShortPoint, a leading intranet design software company, announced a partnership with UserWay to ensure accessibility and ADA compliance. // Courtesy of ShortPoint

UserWay, a leading AI-powered web accessibility company, and ShortPoint, a leading intranet design software company in Ann Arbor, today announced a partnership to ensure that SharePoint sites designed with ShortPoint are fully accessible and ADA compliant.

UserWay’s accessibility technology ensures WCAG and ADA compliance for websites, making them accessible to blind and visually impaired users and people with disabilities. SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform from Microsoft.

“The UserWay and ShortPoint partnership is a powerful combination of enterprise-class intranet site building tools and the world’s number one automated accessibility solution. The goal of ensuring a rapid time to market for SharePoint site accessibility and ADA compliance is now within reach, ”said Allon Mason, Founder and CEO of UserWay.

“With ShortPoint powered by UserWay, an accessible SharePoint site is not only frictionless and cost effective, but also looks great while staying aligned with your company’s brand guidelines. This partnership allows all your employees and users to access your digital content and services without barriers while sending a clear message of inclusion, diversity and equality.

ShortPoint uses unique intranet design software that reaches millions of customers around the world. With no formal coding knowledge required for the design, teams can build high-quality intranet sites to meet the demands of a rapidly changing business environment.

By adding UserWay solutions, ShortPoint provides all of its users with full access to their intranet design tools and creates unified, user-friendly intranet sites with advanced integration capabilities.

“ShortPoint enables more than 1,500 companies worldwide to create user-friendly intranet sites without the need for coding or developers,” said Sami AlSayyed, Founder and CEO of ShortPoint.

“And now, all of these sites will be more easily compliant with the highest standards of accessibility thanks to our partnership with UserWay. I think this is a great achievement not only for our company, but for all of our current and future customers.


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