AEW Dynamite Results, Liveblog (May 25, 2022): DoN’s Third Anniversary


Here’s a place to check the results and comment with a new episode of AEW dynamiteairs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TBS.

Discover our Wednesday Morning Preview Article to catch up on what led up to tonight’s show and what we’re looking forward to.

This week’s show comes from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas. This is the last Dynamite before the third double or nothing, and that’s why they’re calling this one their third anniversary in Vegas. It will feature a showdown before world champion Hangman Page and his challenger at Sunday’s PPV, CM Punk, and the two semi-finals of the Owen Hart Cup as Kyle O’Reilly and Samoa Joe fight for the right to face Adam Cole at put on, and Toni Storm and Dr. Britt Baker try to clinch first place in the women’s final. Wardlow will try to secure his shot against MJF by defeating Shawn Spears in a steel cage, while FTR will defend the Ring of Honor Tag Titles against Roppongi Vice. Plus, Ricky Starks vs. Jungle Boy vs. Swerve Strickland, a word from Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa…and more!

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET when the dynamite the live blog starts once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


What do I feel and what am I afraid of? In these arms that have prostituted themselves among the worms that mate in these fields, oh, from pressure to pain, I wish to stay awake as I feel with your love for me. So shout against these walls with the hope that we will break free. So read on as I live blog this pro wrestling show here for you folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Shawn Spears vs. Wardlow (steel cage match)

MJF, as the special guest referee, makes a big fuss about not having the key to Wardlow’s handcuffs and Spears puts boots on him as we call for the bell! Max backs him up and puts boots on him instead, they double-cross him, trapping him against the steel and pushing him into it!

Heels pose together, Mr. Mayhem with a back drop to get Shawn out and Friedman gives him a free shot but Wardlow knows if he hits him he’ll lose his match… SO HE’S BREAKTHROUGH! Bring it to Shawn with strikes, from the top with an atomico senton but MJF won’t count the pin!

Wardlow takes his hair off, Max nibbles on him, he decides to go get the powerbomb but Friedman kicks him low! C4 and a quick count… MR. MAYHEM IS ALWAYS EFFECTIVE! MJF holds him in place, Spears goes for the chair shot… BUT WARDLOW DUCKS AND HE SCUFFS MAX IN THE FACE WITH HER!

Mr. Mayhem gets up behind the President and starts driving those electric bombs! Bryce Remsburg arrives to replace our fallen official, Wardlow lures Spears one last time and plants him in the chair…

Wardlow won by pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony, winning his match against Maxwell Jacob Friedman at Double or Nothing.

He goes to powerbomb MJF afterwards but security invades the ring and the slime runs away! Wardlow bombs a guy in the cage and climbs the wall! He perches on it and points to MJF!

And so we’re going to take a break.

Back from the commercial, the Jericho Appreciation Society is walking backstage when they encounter a crew member wearing a Jon Moxley t-shirt.

They harass him and Chris Jericho blows a fireball in the guy’s face!

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to host a face-off between CM Punk and “Hangman” Adam Page.

The two men enter.

Tony starts off by talking about borrowing the finisher and going back and forth, and moves on to punk first.

CM says it’s safe to say the biggest moment of his career happened here in Las Vegas, and he’s grateful to be in the position he’s in and he loves us all and plans to leave Double or Nothing as champion.

Asked about Punk’s confidence, Page says he said exactly what he was going to do and there is nothing CM can do to take the title away from him. Punk says he doesn’t know why Hangman takes this personally, possibly the toughest son of a bitch on the list and he’s the champion for a reason.

There’s a locker room full of people like him waiting for a shot, and it’s just business for him. Page says he hasn’t been waiting for this moment for weeks, but rather for months, and that he was ready to sit at the top of this ramp and light a pipe bomb, roll it and fire it. watch him explode in his face.

How good that would be, and how would that come full circle for him, but now they’re here right now and he realizes he can’t do it. And not because he’s scared, that’s for sure, but the more he thinks about what he wants to say, the more he thinks about what Punk would do.

And he doesn’t think about his pettiness or his cowardice, he just thinks it’s not the right thing to do, and instead he’s going to expose how he feels. He doesn’t hate punk, but he feels sorry for him and he has no respect for what he’s done since he arrived here. He thinks he wants the title but he doesn’t get it, it’s not about what happens in the ring, it’s about what happens after the red light goes out.

The quiet little moments in the ring, Punk talking about a big game but Page loves this place and cares and this is his home. On Sunday, he won’t be defending the title against CM, he’ll be defending AEW *from *Punk. Page returns the mic and CM says he still doesn’t understand why he’s taking this so personally and is a bit confused.

He’s going around in circles like it’s a big puzzle, but if he’s so upset that he’s there, he has to do something on Sunday. And win, lose or fall, remember these roads were traveled by Page to get here? Punk paved these roads and felled the trees that made the wood that made this house.

AEW happened because he gave the plan, and Hangman will shake his hand on Sunday and in fact, he will shake it now. All that misplaced anger? You’re not mad at punk, you’re mad at yourself. The hanged man refuses the handshake, Punk jostles him and Adam knocks him down!

We get a video package for Jade Cargill’s defense of the TBS Championship against Anna Jay on Sunday.

William Regal is already on commentary and Chris Jericho enters to join him.

Chris briefly takes the mic to mute his music and taunt the crowd.

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen)

Kingston attacks Kassidy on the ramp and leaves him lying while Moxley starts with Quen, trapping him in the corner and making him work. Arm wringer, hammer, reverse chin, tag to Eddie and body shots in that corner. Kingston with a vicious release power bomb, suplex butterfly, tag to Mox.

Chaining the lariats together, Marq slips in and does the tag! Kassidy with an enzuigiri, stereo dropkicks, Poetry in Motion, the match goes down and Moxley hits Crash Landing to send us to the break!


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