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The American Ethanol Coalition announces personnel changes at the organization’s Sioux Falls office, including the hiring of Ashley Borchert, a former digital marketing and social media intern at Midcontinent Communications (Midco), to serve as head of communications, and the change in Ron Lamberty’s role from senior vice president and chief market development officer to chief marketing officer (CMO).

Borchert joins the organization this year after former communications director Katie Muckenhirn assumed the role of Vice President of Public Affairs of ACE last fall. Borchert manages ACE’s communications department and supports its member services. She manages the organization’s social media platforms, assists with media and member relations, and other communications activities, including CAOT websites, Ethanol today magazine, and events and advocacy efforts.

“I’m proud to work for an organization like ACE with a strong mission,” said Borchert. “I am excited to learn more about the industry and its people and to contribute to ACE’s mission. I am also grateful for the opportunity to work with the wonderful people who make up the staff, board and members of ACE, and look forward to building more relationships.

Borchert grew up in rural Minnesota and joined the staff of ACE after earning a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies from Augustana University, as well as an internship in digital marketing and social media at Midco.

Additionally, longtime ACE employee Ron Lamberty is changing his role to become the organization’s Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for planning and executing market development efforts and customer relations. ACE members. As CMO, he will continue to lead the commercial development of ethanol in the fuels marketing industry and build strategic relationships with current and potential ACE members.

“Ethanol plant product offerings are constantly evolving in response to emerging market opportunities,” Lamberty said. “With these growing market opportunities, ACE has the experience to help communicate product benefits, identify and educate potential buyers, and ensure public policy provides access and a level playing field for our members’ products. . As CMO, I will ensure that we do everything possible to continue to expand the markets for ethanol and other products for our members.


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