8 Blogger Mistakes You Should Avoid


“A professional writer is an amateur who has not given up”, said Richard Bach and we can only agree. And creating a blog is no different. It’s creative and fulfilling. Introducing your writing to a world of readers from diverse backgrounds and geographies sounds super exciting. With the advent of technology combined with content marketing, every business is investing their time and money in writing and promoting blogs. However, many newbie bloggers are prone to making some common mistakes that can jeopardize their standing with readers.

A blogger for over a decade now, Richa Singh, CEO and Founder, Blogchatter is quick to dial down the mistakes you can avoid and the advice you can ingest.

  • Desire to write non-stop

Focus on strategy rather than quantity. Enjoy the publishing process. Market it on different platforms. See how it works. Take your notes so you can keep your learnings in mind while writing more content.

  • learn all at once
    No matter how smart you are, you cannot learn everything that is available to you because learning is a continuous process. Keep track of your pace so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

And always leave some space to learn new tricks that pop up in the industry – for example how to use social media to be a better blogger.

You can’t grow in blogging unless you have a tribe of people – both readers and fellow bloggers – supporting your vision and championing the content you create. There’s nothing more lonely than being a blogger without a community to support you. Quickly find relevant communities and join them. Give love to get love, don’t be selfish when it comes to reading other bloggers – they’ll reciprocate in style.

  • Buy all online courses available on blogs

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is buying every other online course you come across. There is no need to purchase at all as most of them are available for free on other video platforms. You can definitely buy their subscription later if they add value to your blog. Or you can learn by doing. Basically, learn as you do and don’t expect everything to happen in formal instructions.

  • Turn away from social media

If you don’t talk about your work, no one will. There’s a lot of content out there and if you don’t market your content well, the chances of people discovering your blog are low. Just as social media connects two people across the world, so does a blog and its audience. Make your presence felt by talking about your work.

  • Confusing blogging with Instagram

It’s been a long time since I expressed my opinion that Instagram can help you promote your blog, but not its content. Remember that when you search for a particular term, what appears is a blog post and not the Instagram feed. Your blog is your permanent address.

  • Avoiding the Technical Details of Blogs
    Now that you’ve started blogging, you have a passion for writing. You would like to expand your business or you want your name to be on a published book. But you can’t achieve that if you ignore things like SEO, pageviews, bounce rate, and read time. Enough and more is available on this – spend thirty minutes each week choosing the technical items as well.
  • To choose a niche or not to choose

I have never been in favor of bloggers picking a niche and sticking to it only. You are a blogger, so in this category you can add whatever you want to write. However, I will say this that if you have 10 categories on your blog, be sure to give each one time and space. And that you have some love and understanding for this category. For example, if you are not an expert, do not give advice on nutrition or health.

In a nutshell, blogging is so much like life – don’t rush with overwhelming vigor, but rather with measured steps and tricks. Discover your own path to creating a different online persona that stands out.

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