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If a fire selfie is posted but no one is around to see it, has it really happened? Ah, the old question.

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More than ever, Instagram views are becoming essential for gaining followers and developing a social media presence. Instagram has over a billion users, including 500 million daily users who post and view stories. That’s a lot of views!

If you have a personal or business Instagram account, you may want to purchase Instagram views to grow your brand. You might be wondering where to start and what you need to know.

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We’ve put together a quick guide and list of the best websites for buying Instagram likes to get people noticed and influencing!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on sharing photos. It’s a free app and since 2012 it’s owned by Facebook.

Platform users can take, edit, share and post photos and videos for others to see. These are known as followers. Subscribers serve as subscribers to an account and have access to the photos and videos you share.

When sharing photos, users can add a caption to their photo or drop a hashtag on the post. It’s a great way to generate views and connect with others using the same hashtag, maybe in the same geographic location.

There is also an option to mark your location, mark friends that appear in the post, or mark products from certain companies.

Users also have the option of having a public or private account. You can open your profile to the public, which means anyone with an account can see your posts, or you can have a private account, so other users must request access to view your account.

Because Instagram is interactive, a user can view, like, comment on, and share other people’s account activity. Private messaging is also an option, as is blocking other users for unwanted or unsolicited messages.

Instagram accounts are not intended for personal or individual use only. More and more businesses are using Instagram to promote their business or product. It’s a great way to start a new business for free.

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Why you need Instagram views

Instagram views on your account are important for several reasons. If you want to be on social media, people need to see your posts. Here are some of the reasons Instagram views can help you grow your account.

They boost your publication on Instagram feeds

The algorithm used by Instagram puts the most viewed posts at the top of other users’ feeds. If your post gets a lot of views, it will likely be placed higher in the thread than posts without as many views.

They increase follower engagement

Instagram views allow your posts to engage in different ways. After viewing your post, other users can like, comment, and share your photos and videos.

They attract potential new followers

Once more users engage with your posts, it’s more likely that other users will see your post. It will have a much wider reach and expand your reach. It helps you attract new subscribers, those who may not have been exposed to your content before.

They help grow your business

Instagram Stories are a popular way to post a video or photo that is only 24 hours long. About 36% of businesses use Instagram Stories to promote their products, and with 60% of Millennials looking at Instagram Stories, there are a ton of opportunities to build customers from followers.

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4 best websites to buy Instagram views

Now we know what impact views can have on your Instagram account, whether for personal or business use.

So how can you make sure you’re getting the most views? Buying Instagram views is a great way to get attention to your account. Here are some of our favorite websites where you can buy views:


Skweezer is the one stop shop for all your social media growth needs. They offer packages for Instagram views, likes, comments, and followers. They have a full range of services and they have a variety of packages to suit all budgets.

You can group specific services that you like for your accounts, like followers and views. Or you can buy automated likes so you don’t have to worry about your opinions and likes after every post.

They offer real Instagram views from real profiles to drive organic growth on your account. Skweezer is a great all round service if you are looking to become a social media influencer.

Skweezer was also recently recommended as the best website for buying premium likes on Instagram by Radar’s.

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Fandial is another popular website for buying Instagram views. They promise to increase your account visibility and traffic. They generate likes and views from real users.

They also use the diversity of Instagram users to ensure that the services they provide comply with Instagram’s algorithm. Fandial makes sure that the algorithm suggests your posts in search results and keeps your post on the crawl page.

They also have a variety of plans depending on your Instagram needs. They have a dedicated customer service team to help you with your purchase.


Turbogram also lists Instagram growth service providers. However, they also offer services for other social media platforms. While this can have some advantages, we prefer a service that focuses and excels on a single platform.

This website helps increase the number of views and subscribers for Instagram and TikTok. They use bots to generate views on your accounts and help your stories get to the top of the feed.

They accept many forms of payment, even cryptocurrencies. They offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason.

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Tikfame uses a different style of service for social media growth.

Known as a “drip”, this is a slower approach to engaging followers. It’s a safe way to gain views and followers without disrupting Instagram’s algorithm. It may take a little longer, but it may prevent you from seeing your account negatively flagged.

This is aimed at creating a more natural and organic growth appearance. With other websites, you get fast delivery and quick results that increase your account overnight. With this method, you can expect to increase your views over time.

How much do Instagram views cost?

The cost of buying Instagram views, as well as other services to maximize your growth on social media, will all depend on what you want to achieve.

Many of the websites mentioned offer affordable packages. Make sure you use a credible website if you want to make sure your purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

You can also choose to bundle a package that includes Instagram views with Instagram followers, comments, and likes.

It’s a good idea to start with a small package to see if you’re happy with the results. Packages 1000 views for $ 3 are available from Skweezer.

Then you can buy more once you are comfortable and familiar with the services.

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Why we recommend Skweezer for Instagram views

We love Skweezer for so many reasons. Whether you are promoting yourself or your business, they have some great packages to increase overall engagement on your Instagram.

They save you time trying to grow your account, giving you more time to create content and give your viewers more of what they want!

Skweezer not only helps you grow and deliver results fast, but it also has a terrific customer support team to make sure you get help every step of the way.

Skweezin ‘the most views on Instagram

While we all wish we had Instagram views that make our content go viral, it isn’t always possible to do it alone. There is no shame in your game if you want a little push to get you started. If you are ready to buy Instagram views, make sure you choose a credible website with the right services for you.

We can’t promise you’ll go viral, but we can prepare you to influence!

Visit our website and buy 1000 Instagram views for $ 3 to start growing your account today!

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