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New Delhi:

Delhi city authorities must simplify all citizen-centric services like property tax payment and make them available online by July 31, Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena has ordered after a review of initiatives of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

The property tax reporting system should be simplified and linked to Aadhaar numbers to increase collection, Saxena said, while also ordering the linking of the municipality’s birth and death registration database with other government social protection programs to reduce leakage.

All citizen-centric services like birth and death registration, property tax, property transfer, approval of building plans, among others, should be digitized in a common and simple accessible platform by the end of next month, Saxena said.

Most of the services mentioned by the Lieutenant-Governor are already online and the IT department is currently working on merging the various portals of the former East, South and North municipalities. A unified MCD 311 mobile application for citizens was launched and a common website leading to three citizen location-based landing pages was made operational on May 23 after the unification of civic bodies.

Saxena’s instructions will be implemented by the July 31 deadline, according to XXX officials.

Delhi registers around 3 to 3.5 lakh births every year, while the number of annual death registrations is around 1.4 lakh, officials said. The birth and death registration database should be linked to government departments that provide services such as subsidized food, pensions, maternity benefits and other welfare schemes, so that records can be automatically updated, Saxena said.

“This will help plug leaks and put an end to cases of phantom recipients,” he said.

The civic body’s goal should be to deliver services with minimal human interaction, Saxena said. “The MCD should ensure prompt delivery and also reduce red tape to reduce inefficiency and corruption at all levels,” he said.

When amending the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act in Parliament in April, the central government said that one of the functions of the municipality would be to “secure and establish an electronic governance system for services to citizens anytime and anywhere for better, timely, accountable and transparent administration”.

Officials should strive for full automation of property tax filing, collection, assessment and collection, Saxena said. “All properties within the city limits, both commercial and residential, should be subject to the tax net so that MCD’s revenue increases and it is able to provide better services,” he said. .

Commercial establishments and residents of 65% of Delhi’s geographical area pay no property tax, he observed. “It’s an unfortunate and unfair situation,” he said.

“Since the whole city, and not just the 35% of the residents of 11 lakh houses living in licensed and regularized settlements, enjoyed the amenities and services offered by the municipality, it would only be fair and justified for all to pay the property tax at the differential rate, depending on their respective self-assessed financial situation,” Saxena said. “To this end, the MCD must simplify the land tax registration forms and ensure its Aadhaar link.”

For MCDs in financial difficulty, property tax remains one of the main sources of income. The total property tax collection for 2021-22 was 2,032 crores, according to official data. Around 11.5 lakh properties paid taxes in 2021-2022, 98% of which were filed online.

Saxena also asked officials to consider resident welfare associations and address their concerns. “The partnership with the people will not only facilitate honest self-assessment of part of the assessments, but also increase tax collection and ensure better services to the people,” he said.


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