11 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Mailing List


The most stable way for your business to build a loyal fan base is to build your email list.

It is not easy to build your mailing list. Without the trust and interest of a dedicated audience, this can be quite difficult. Through social media, a dedicated audience can be acquired, nurtured and developed very quickly.

Why you need to grow your mailing list

You should always be on the lookout for new opportunities to grow your email list, so why is this important? About 25% of your mailing list degrades every year. To make up for these lost subscribers, you need to continually grow your mailing list.

11 ways to grow your mailing list

  1. Host discussions on Twitter

    Lead generation through tweets and retweets may not seem like a hard-hitting strategy for some companies, but Twitter chats are a different story.

    In a Twitter chat, users can ask questions and discuss specific topics with other like-minded people. If you host a Twitter chat on how to use a particular software, for example, you can attract a lot of potential customers looking for answers or assistance.

    Not only will you develop your social influence by hosting a Twitter chat, but you will also be interacting with new Twitter users every time. This way, potential email leads are naturally drawn to a group of interested and dedicated people.

  1. Create a lead-generating Facebook ad

    Spending a little money on advertising will allow you to get email leads from your social media platforms faster.

    When using Facebook Ads, you can target your exact demographics and you will see immediate results if you send your message correctly.

    You can’t just put an ad and expect people to click on it. To convert leads via email, you need to optimize your ad, copy, and image. This usually means giving away something useful for free in exchange for an email address, which is the usual lead generation campaign.

  1. Promote your blocked content

    Unless you are already promoting closed content, you are missing out on a really easy and straightforward way to generate leads. Blocked content requires a visitor to enter their email address to access it.

    Bring visitors to your website using social media and ads. Before they get to the right things, block their path by asking for their email address. There is a low barrier to entry, but you will find it worth it.

  1. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups

    Employers and potential employees can connect through LinkedIn. Why not take advantage of this network to attract customers to your business?

    A LinkedIn group is a great way to market and connect directly with other people who value your knowledge and expertise, as well as to build professional networks and additional referrals.

    Remember to connect with your group members on an individual basis as well. Your LinkedIn profile can include a link to join your mailing list, so people can sign up on their own. The best clients often come from these personal connections.

  1. Create a contest / giveaway

    A good gift is always appreciated, right? You’ll see them more and more in big business ads because they work, and small businesses can make great use of them as well.

    The first step is to create a hashtag specific to your competition. Use a catchy, descriptive hashtag that markets your offer with a bit of personality and fun.

    You will then need to take a high-quality photo of the product you are offering (if you are selling physical products, you can use one of your own).

    Finally, post a photo of the award, your hashtag, and a link to a page that allows attendees to enter their email addresses.

  1. Create YouTube tutorials with call-to-action cards

    Every computer user has benefited at some point from a video tutorial. For anyone trying to learn how to do just about anything, your video tutorials can be a lifeline.

    You can quickly create a group of people interested in what you have to offer by creating video tutorials and ranking them on YouTube, the second largest search engine.

    Also, since YouTube is owned by Google, creating a YouTube video can help you rank higher in Google search results.

  1. Capture leads on SlideShare

    We may already know that SlideShare allows you to share presentations that you have created in PowerPoint or on an online slide set with anyone who is looking for them. SlideShare can also be used to turn traffic into leads.

    The lead form can also appear after the slide you choose, and you can make the lead form mandatory or not. Make the completion of your previous presentation mandatory and you’ve created a new main magnet!

  1. Host a webinar with Google Hangouts

    You can grow your mailing list with webinars and live streaming videos. With your Google account, you can easily use Google Hangout because it’s free.

    Current and potential clients can learn from you during a webinar or webinar. Host a free webinar on a topic related to your products and services that you know many potential customers could benefit from. Encourage your audience to sign up for your free webinar by promoting it and collecting their email addresses.

    Once your Hangout is ready, you can invite people directly through Google or embed the link directly in an email or on your website. You will need to promote your presentation in advance to make sure your audience is ready. Once the audience is together, it’s time to start!

  1. Instagram stories that generate leads

    When it comes to marketing and lead generation, Instagram might not be the most obvious choice. However, it offers tons of opportunities.

    On Instagram, you can post entertaining or silly videos, smart marketing slogans, and promotional videos. Once you get the creative bug, the possibilities are endless. It is only a question of exploiting it!

  1. Include a subscribe button on your Facebook page

    Call-to-action buttons have been added to Facebook business pages. The buttons are displayed prominently on your cover image and are accessible without scrolling.

    You can include a “Subscribe” button on your Facebook business page that directs your audience to your squeeze page, newsletter, or other destination. This way you can take advantage of your Facebook fans.

  1. Use social proof to encourage more registrations

    It is a psychological phenomenon that describes behavior where people feel more comfortable following others based on their social proof. Social proof is used by marketers to calm the minds of affected customers and increase conversions.

    Social proof can be used in several ways to increase the number of subscribers. Testimonials can be used on your landing pages, reviews can be added, and the number of registered users can be displayed.

Final thoughts

By using social media correctly, your business can easily reach the next level of profitability.

Maintaining a growing social media presence is important, but always make sure to convert those followers into email leads. This is what separates amateurs from professionals.

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